sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

World of wonder ! Mundo de maravilha !

We live in a world that never stops . Everywhere , every second , something is happening , stories are being unfolded , lives are being lived . I leave you with some images of how funtastic our world can be . For us , for animals and for people who are lucky enough to get these pictures at the right time !

Guilty conscience ! Consciencia pesada !

Of course one must respect other people`s liberty of choice . Of course we all have differente tastes and preferences . Naturally , of course , we like to choose what to wear and where to wear it . But , for some of you , one has to be very corageous and extroverted to wear these hats in public . Guilty conscience or simply fashion . It is a tremendous weight over your shoulders . A funny and original one !

Wonderland ! Terra da magia !

A drawer with imagination , can be an overwhellming experience . He can show us everything . Future landscapes and animals . Dreams of wonder and terror . Far away , non-existing worlds and tales . I leave some examples of what is , for many , a perfect world .One where we can be free without harming anyone .

Portraits ! Retratos !

Almost all of the photographers try , on a certain period of their professional life , to capture nature in its perfect essence . The right picture at the right moment . Colour , beauty and wonder in a single image . Like these ones .