sábado, 28 de março de 2009

Mutants ! Mutantes !

They are not invading us because they are allready here . They mean not to harm us but to help . They are not dangerous . They are simply different . And photographed in the right form , they can also become masterpieces of vegetable art . Original and out of normal shape . Aberrations or simply nature showing us about its variety and humour ?

Pleasure time ! Tempo de prazer !

It never stops and some people say it is precious . It creates great expectations and promotes some desillusions . It is priceless and eternal . Why not then , appreciate it in a fun and original way ?

Details ! Detalhes !

Works by Callu . Colourful , detailed pictures of sincere and rare beauty . Almost ethereal and magic .

Sleeping sattelite ! Satélite adormecido !

So near and yet so far away . We see it everyday and every night . Source of wonder , superstition and suspection . Bright and beautiful . Waiting to be conquered . Up there . So desirable !