sábado, 28 de fevereiro de 2009

Slow down ! Abranda !

Nowadays , technology allows us to observe things that we could not imagine , even in our fantest dreams . Slow down the pace of things and show us what really happens in the world of the fast ! Brilliant pictures !

Looks human , doesn`t ? Parece humano , não parece ?

Some believe there must have been a creator to all that surrounds us , including humans . But if there was , we must admit that He must have had a strange and original sense of humour . He chose the smallest and sometimes the most rare of animals , to encarve , what we might consider , humamlike images . Funny and interesting !

Trick or treat ? Truque ou engano ?

Take people or things . Mixed them with a lot of magical photoshop and create wonderful and spectacular illusions of what is not . This is the work of Jakub Wojewoda .

Nice view ! ! Que bela vista !

One of man`s first dreams was to fly . To reach the other side faster . To observe from above . Since sattelites were invented and placed in the sky , that thought of watching can easily be satisfied with the pictures they take . Cities or craters . Night or day . Wonderful pictures of what the world is like , seen from above !