quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

Obsolete ! Obsoleto !

Sometimes , what is obsolete is not necessarily old and ugly ! If photographed in a certain manner and in the right mood , it can present itself as an object of real life and actual meaning !

Bag in the hand ! Mala na mão !

A matter of great importance for the ladies . Useful to store almost anything , according to size ! Original in every manner possible ! Handbags for those who chose to be different !

You are , what you eat ! Somos o que comemos !

There is an old saying that states that you are what you eat . Probably it is correct but not , of course , in the manner we are going to show you . Taking whta you eat to the extreme !

Interesting videos ! Videos interessantes !

Here is another recolection of some of the best I have chosen this week ! Hope you enjoy it !

sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

Wellcome to real life - chapter four ! Bem vindos á vida real - capitulo quatro !

All these images are real . They surely are proof that human ingenuity and humour , is present always and forever . This is the real life ! Funny and original .