quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2008

Design way ! Á maneira do Design !

It is a recent form of art . Paintings but without a brush or a canvas . Design is showing our view of the world ! Fashion .

Fractals ! Fractais !

Each part is a perfect replica of the whole piece . Wondeful , colourful images of fractals . Existing in nature and also in man`s creation !

Surreal ! Surrealismo !

There are almost no limits to man `s imagination . The mixture between natural elements and fantasy is also quiet commom . Abstract surreal pictures of a different world and way of seeing !

sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2008

The Animals Save the Planet ! Os Animais Salvam o Planeta !

I got this through an E-Mail , from a friend ! It is probably well known but I have to say that it is simply wonderful ! A funny , adorable and clever way of making us aware of Environmental problems ! Just watch and see !

Anistrange ! Aniestranhos !

Strange -looking , different aninals of all kinds ! Some of them you have never seen . Others probably , but are still fascinating !

Smoking is good for you ! Fumar faz bem á saúde !

Brilliant , schocking , thought provoking adds and a serious warning to those who smoke . Smoking is bad for your health and also for others !